Thursday, March 27, 2008


Today I read an article about the economy, it made me see how the government is fucking me.
Thanks to a five year war based on religion, we have a national debt growing by the trillions.
With the cost of living quadrupling since 2003, You may scratch your head and say "how can that be"
Well wheat used to be $3-$4 a bushell, now $12-$16 thats kind of comical.
Oil used to be $25 a barrel, now $110 thats unbarable.
These types of things they keep quiet, because if everyone knew it might start a riot.
The cost of gas and food is on the rise, how can someone afford them on the pay from making fries?
The more bills they print off, the more the value of our dollar drops .
Are we going through a depression, or are we headin toward a depression.
With a government that doesn’t give a fuck, They sit in there mansions sippin champagne and eating duck.
They have $25000 desks with $5000 chairs, riding first class like we as a nation have money to spare.
Maybe we should stop fighting "the war on terror", and start fighting poverty and help the poor.
I don’t mind paying taxes, as long as they use it to pay off stuff and not just let it fly out of there asses.
Just had to give you my 2 cents.
But now I am overdrawn

Friday, March 21, 2008

The one and only.

A child without a home, stands there, all alone.
A child unwanted from birth, wundering why they are on this, earth.
A child wanting to be hugged, wanting to be loved.
A child with no one.

Who is going to teach this child, teach them about right and wrong.
Teach them about life and love, birds and bees.
Show them all of the beautiful things people and the earth have to offer.
This child has noone.

No one to hug them and kiss there owies.
No one to read them to sleep.
No one to sing to them, to put them to ease.
No one to listen to there problems.

Who is going to put there drawings up on the frig?
Who will sing them happy birthday?
Who is going to teach them how to tie there shoes?
Who will answer there burning question "Why"?

Are they gonna go around wundering why no one wanted them?
What do they dream about in there sleep, some one to love them?
Are they going to hate others that have family?
Will they know what love is.

A child without a home, stands there, all alone.
A child unwanted from birth, wundering why they are in this, earth.
A child wanting to be hugged, wanting to be loved.
A child with no one.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

My Social Anxiety

My social anxiety
So as most of you know me as an over the top say anything, do anthing kinda guy.
Well thats me in the comfort of the friendship bubble. The Bubble that surounds you and your friends when you are together. The one that you know no matter what happens or what people say they will be there for you. That bubble.
When I would go out in the world I was the complete opposite. I would just wait patienly in line looking staight ahead trying to be invisable. When I would have to pay for something or speak face to face to some one i would get a knot in my throat and get all flustered. When someone asked me for my ID I would visibly tremble like I had parkinsons.
I would also start sweating just thinking about having to talk in a group or to a person about some issue I was having. I avoid confrontation as much as possible not just because I am a passive guy but because in a small little argument my heart feels like its gonna jump out of my chest.
I had a horrible time talking to women unless I was thier friend(which is had to do if you can't talk to them in the first place). I stummbled al over my words, not even useing the right words then silence, uncomfortable silence. Well at least uncomfortable for me.

Yes. Yes I have changed. I have changed back to the way I used to be. The one that knew everyone liked him, and if they didn't, fuck um they need to lighten up and move on with life. Now I don't mind striking up conversation with the random stranger about something stupid. I don't mind meeting new people(I still suck with names though). I don't feel nearly as nervouse talkin with women and have alot more confidence about it. In argument or general diagreements, Go ahead yell and scream it only makes you look like a jackass and still doesn't change the fact that I did nothing wrong, your just a tool that overreacts.

And for these changes back to the way I was I have to thank a few people that helped me see the light just by being them.

On my last trip to Portland my best buddy Brian [IMG][/IMG]told me how much he aprecciated my out goingness when we first met and became such close friends which led to me introducing him to the love of his life that he has been with for 13 years because of it.[IMG][/IMG]

And to Matt Teske who called me up and offered me a spot at the Portland Import Motion carshow since original plans fell through. [IMG][/IMG]Not because I would win or had a Teske design sticker but just cause he is a great outgoing person that makes you feel like you have been friends for ever just after talking to him for a few minutes.[IMG][/IMG]

To Cory Burns for being the crazy, lovable, funny guy that he is.[IMG][/IMG] That goes on road trips with buddies to mexico to find the best nacho's at the international nacho festival. I man that makes friends in every city he has to fly to. He truly has inspired me.

To all of my Scion friends, thank you. Thank you for being part and letting me be a part of the wierd, odd family that is the Scion community. For makeing a person feel welcome right away and for that I thank you.

I thank everyone that I know, have met and will meet on my journey of life.

Jason B.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Monologue I am workin on fo open mic. Called Death

Have you ever thought of death?

No, really thought of death.
I guess I should ask, if you have ever SEEN death?
Have you seen what it looks like when you look into a lifeless body? The lack of warmth. The lack of breath. Zero reaction to your touch.
Have you ever fucking felt that? The coldness. The stiffness of a lifeless body that you yourself have seen so much life from. Have you EVER fucking seen that?

Have you ever thought of death?
Have you ever seen a body so still? A body that was in so much pain, finally, Finally be free of that pain. The look of relief in there lips. No longer clenched in pain. The eye brows no longer grimising from the pain. Relieved. Dead

Have you ever thought about death?

Have you ever seen a body die? Watching, knowing you can do nothing. Watching them gasp for every one of there last breaths. There body contracts from the pain as there heart is searching for every beat it can get. Gasp. Eyes look at you with ever last breath. You can do nothing.
Others look toward you for something. Help, a look that says things gonna be alright, But you have nothing.

Have you ever seen death?

Have you watched as the body convulses and gasps for every bit of life it has left. As they look you in the eye when you see a slow breath..... followed by an even shallower breath............ followed by a few short gasping breaths.

Have you ever been there to see them look right into you eyes as they take that last shallow breath and watch as their eyes glass over, with the last tear in there body.

Have you ever seen someone try to die?

Have you ever known someone that tried to kill themselves? Have you ever tried to kill yourself? Have you ever seen someone so distraught try and take there life? You watch as there body goes in and out of cosiousness as they loose blood. Pint,by Pint, By Pint. As they say stuff that means nothing to you or anyone around you, just them. Or have you lookyou ever looked at a friend as they say "You know I love you. Right bro?" As they climb the rail to jump onto the rock with a splash of water.

Have you ever thought of death?

No really thought of death.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Somthin I came up with

Listening to music and made me think. Current mood: lethargic Writing and Poetry
Lately i've been thinkin and lately i've been dreamin bout a carriage ride in the park after dark with a beautiful woman that I had a spark. Who saw into the dark hole I call my sole. One with a beautiful laugh and smile that I could make last a while. I want everyone to be happy round me. so there might be, happiness as far as the eye might see. I try everyday to be someone, that can make this joy and happiness last and not come undone, and I hope you do too. Come join me, Take my hand won't you. I think of you,eyes blue, love true, I can see with my mind what you do, how you are, the way you make me feel. I need to know where you are. but most of all "Who are you?" show you face. You have my heart now give me yours.